Review Rules

  1. After preliminary verification of the manuscript the Editor sends it to the two reviewers which are specialists in the field of the study. The Authors are encouraged to send to the Editor the names, affiliation and email addresses of 3 potential reviewers as well as contact details for Reviewers whom should not be contacted. The Editor is not obligated to take the Author’s proposition.
  2. Any conflict of interest between the Author and the reviewer is unacceptable. A conflict of interest occurs if close personal or professional relationship between the Author(s) and Reviewer(s) takes place.
  3. The Author(s) do not know the reviewer’s identity. The Reviewer do not know identity of the Author.
  4. The Reviewer may suggest acceptance, revision or rejection of the manuscript. In case of the revision, the corresponding Author is obligated to send to the Editor the revised version of the manuscript and the answers to the Reviewer’s comments.
  5. On the basis of the Reviewers’ comments to the manuscript and the Author’s respond to the Reviewers’ comments the Editor takes the decision on the acceptance, revision or rejection of the manuscript.

Review form