Unsteady hydromagnetic flow of Oldroyd-B fluid over an oscillatory stretching surface: a mathematical model

Sami Ullah Khan

Nasir Ali


In the present work, we have studied an unsteady, two-dimensional boundary layer flow of a magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) Oldroyd-B fluid over an oscillatory stretching surface. The problem is modeled by using constitutive equations. The number of independent variables in the governing equations are reduced by using appropriate dimensionless variables. The analytical solution is computed by using homotopy analysis method. The influences of various physical parameters such as Deborah numbers, ratio of angular frequency to stretching rate parameter and Hartmann number on time-series of velocity and transverse velocity profiles at different time instants are investigated and discussed quantitatively with the help of various graphs. It is observed that amplitude of velocity increases by increasing ratio of oscillating frequency to stretching rate parameter while decreases by increasing Hartmann number. It is further observed that the magnitude of velocity decreases by increasing Hartmann number and Deborah numbers in the terms of relaxation time parameter.


Oldroyd-B fluid, oscillatory stretching sheet, homotopy analysis method

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Cited by

Khan, S. U., & Ali, N. (2017). Unsteady hydromagnetic flow of Oldroyd-B fluid over an oscillatory stretching surface: a mathematical model. Technical Sciences, 20(1), 87–100. https://doi.org/10.31648/ts.2913

Sami Ullah Khan 

Nasir Ali