Information for authors

Here are the steps that you can expect as your manuscript progresses through the editorial process in Technical Sciences.

  1. First, your manuscript will be assigned to an Editor and you will be sent a unique reference number that you can use to track it throughout the process.

  2. If your manuscript matches the scope and satisfies the criteria of Technical Sciences, the Editor will identify and contact at least two reviewers who are acknowledged experts in the field. Since peer-review is a voluntary service, it can take some time but please be assured that the Editor will regularly remind reviewers if they do not reply in a timely manner.

    The Authors are encouraged to attach to the manuscript first submission the names, affiliation and email addresses of 3 potential reviewers.

  3. Once the Editor has received the minimum number of expert reviews, these reviews accompanied by the Editor’s decision (acceptance, revision or rejection) will be sent to you by e-mail.

  4. In case of acceptance, the Authors are immediately informed by e-mail about it.

  5. In case of revision, the authors are encouraged to resubmit the corrected version of the manuscript accompanied by an obligatory list of changes or a rebuttal against each point which is being raised when your manuscript was revised. The corrected manuscript is re-reviewed.

  6. It is also possible that the Editor may decide that your manuscript does not meet the journal criteria or scope and that it should not be considered further. In this case, the Editor will immediately notify you that the manuscript has been rejected and may recommend a more suitable journal.

  7. The Author(s) do not know the reviewer’s identity. The Reviewer knows identity of the Author. Any conflict of interest between the Author and the reviewer is unacceptable. A conflict of interest occurs if close personal or professional relationship between the Author(s) and Reviewer(s) takes place. The reviewer has to inform Editor that no conflict of interest between your work and the article occurs.

Information for reviewers

  1. The reviewer performs his review of the manuscript using the review form.

  2. The completed review form accompanied by the explicit suggestion of acceptance, revision or rejection should be sent back to the Editor within 4 weeks.

  3. A review should also contain the detailed comments about the article. No detailed comments about the paper will not allow for further proceeding of the manuscript.