Shaft Design for Electric Go-kart

Krzysztof Mateja

Politechnika Śląska

Kamil Zenowicz


This article presents the results of work related to the design, analysis, and manufacturing of the shaft for an electric go-kart. Works considered the stiffness of the shaft for various conditions affecting the vehicle while driving. In the previous stage of the project, the electric motor and gear transmission were selected. The main goal of this case study was to design the shaft for 10 kW electric go-kart. The rear driving axle of the go-kart is not equipped with a differential. The equal rotational speed of two rear wheels causes that occurs skidding and greater forces acting on the vehicle and driver when cornering. We were considering two types of the shaft – full and drilled. The first one provides greater stiffness, the second one is “softer”. The analysis allowed for the selection of a more appropriate shaft, and then for its manufacture and assembly in the vehicle.


Shaft, simulation, FEM, electric, go-kart

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Cited by

Mateja, K., & Zenowicz, K. (2022). Shaft Design for Electric Go-kart. Technical Sciences, 25, 5–16.

Krzysztof Mateja 
Politechnika Śląska
Kamil Zenowicz 


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