Thermovision measurements of the tool-chip upper side temperature in turning AISI 321 steel

Marian Bartoszuk

Opole University of Technology


The article presents the methodology of conducting research on temperature distribution in the cutting zone for orthogonal turning without the use of a cooling liquid. AISI 321 austenitic steel was chosen as the workpiece material to be tested, while TNMA160408 carbide inserts, with a flat rake face made of H10F carbide, were chosen as the cutting edges. The research used infrared imaging, which still poses many research problems. The author's own method of calibration of the measurement chain is also presented. In addition, the most common causes of inaccuracies in thermovision measurements of cutting temperatures are discussed. The obtained temperature distribution maps were related to the average contact temperature determined by the method of natural thermocouple – chips/rake face.


cutting zone, temperature on the chip upper side, contact temperature, thermovision, infrared imaging

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Bartoszuk, M. (2020). Thermovision measurements of the tool-chip upper side temperature in turning AISI 321 steel. Technical Sciences, 23(1), 69–80.

Marian Bartoszuk 
Opole University of Technology


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