The role of agricultural real estate of State Treasury in shaping the agrarian structure in the warmińsko-mazurskie province.

Marcin Bąk

Krajowy Ośrodek Wsparcia Rolnictwa OT Olsztyn


The process of ownership transformations in the state sector of agriculture covered over  4,7 millions of ha (19,8% of farm lands in Poland) with its scope, which were taken over from the Resources of State-owned Agricultural Property between 1992-2017 mainly from the state-owned agricultural households, PFZ and other titles. From the taken over lands, about 18% (808,6 thous. ha) included lands located in the warmińsko-mazurskie province, coming mainly from 270 former PGRs /state collective farm/ the participation of which in the structure amounted to 84,8%. The purpose of the research was the identification of the influence of ownership transformations in the state agricultural sector on shaping the agrarian structure in the warmińsko-mazurskie province. The issue was analysed, i.a., on the basis of the data from reports of the Agency of Farm Property for the year from 1992 to 2017, the data of the statistical yearbooks GUS / Chief Statistical Office / selected positions of the thematic literature, data from the economic register KWR and legal acts. A significant influence on the changes in agrarian structure was affected by adopted formal-legal solutions, economic-financial situation of the PGRs being taken over as somehow conditioning the pace of taking over and preparing as well as the scope, level, forms as dynamics of developing the agricultural state-owned real estate. As a result of the process of managing the WRSP Resources, a participation of the private sector in the structure of ownership increased nearly 1,9-times, i.e. from 48,6 % in 1992 to about  90% in 2017. The analyses made indicate that in the warmińsko-mazurskie as a result of the activity conducted, there were 354, 1 thous. ha of lands permanently managed by means of sale, and on the basis of  11,9% of the agreements concluded for the plots with the area above 20 ha it covered 78,0% of the lands acquired both by natural and legal persons. Statistical data indicates that to the main extent, on these lands there could have been  9,0 thousands of farm households established with the area above of 50 ha. The processes of ownership transformations were accompanies also by the processes of reducing a number of farm households (from 57,6 thousands in 2002 to 42,0 thousands in 2016)[1] with an increase of nearly 1.6 times of average area of individual farm households of concentration i.e. 14,0 ha in 2002 to 22,07 ha in 2016.

[1]Individual farm householdsabove 1 ha


management, farm households of State Treasury, agrarian structure

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Bąk, M. (2019). The role of agricultural real estate of State Treasury in shaping the agrarian structure in the warmińsko-mazurskie province. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum, 18(2), 141–152.

Marcin Bąk 
Krajowy Ośrodek Wsparcia Rolnictwa OT Olsztyn


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