The ethical policy of Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum journal follows the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) recomendations (

Duties of Authors:

  • confirm that all the work in the submitted manuscript is original
  • acknowledge and cite content reproduced from other sources
  • obtain permission to reproduce any content from other sources
  • declare any potential conflict of interest.

Detailed information for Authors see - PDF 

Duties of Reviewers:

  • be objective and constructive in their reviews and provide feedback that will help the authors to improve their manuscript
  • keep all manuscript and review details confidential
  • to alert the editor to any published or submitted content that is substantially similar to that under review

For detailed information for peer reviewers see - PDF

In order to prevent cases of scientific misconduct the Editorial Board has procedures in place to deal with cases of “Ghost-writing”, “Guest Authorship”, “Plagiarism” and “Self-plagiarism”.

Ghost-writing: A situation where someone makes a substantial contribution to a publication without revealing his or her participation as one of the authors or without being mentioned in the acknowledgments attached to the publication.

Guest Authorship or Honorary Authorship: A situation where one or more authors are cited as making a significant contribution to a work were as in reality the contribution is insignificant.

Plagiarism: The act of using someone else’s work as one’s own without acknowledging the source of that work.

Self-plagiarism: The act of using your own earlier published work without acknowledging the source of that work.