Each paper is assessed by the Chairman of the Editorial Board and the Subject Editor and if it meets the content criteria and falls within the journal’s profile, it is submitted for review.

  1. At least two independent Reviewers are recruited from entities outside the Author’s home institution.
  2. The double-blind review process is employed, where neither the Authors nor the Reviewers know each other’s identities.
  3. The review has a written format and concludes with an unambiguous recommendation as to whether the article should be published or rejected.
  4. The list of Reviewers collaborating with the journal is published annually in the last issue of the year – the fourth issue of the quarterly. It is also made available on the website after all four issues have been sent to print.
  5. A sample review form in downloadable pdf format is available here - download


Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum is a peer review journal.