Published: 2019-06-181


Agnieszka Dawidowicz , Anna Klimach , Agata Szpara
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum
Section: Articles


The real estate management of public entities – municipal assets or the port’s properties is carried out under separate legislation. It is important to identify the differences and similarities in the management of public real estate assets held for various public purposes. The study exposes internal and external factors responsible for the nature of the various processes, resource management and assessment of the procedures enabled the management of public property. The ports are located in areas of local government units. These are the entities that have the right to manage their real estate. Seaports Management Boards, as property management port operators perform tasks delegated to perform under the law including in particular the law on ports and harbors. This law recognizes property management as important field of activity of the managing body. This task requires the extensive system of recording real estate held, the current resource management and conduct procedures to acquire and dispose of the real estate. The local government units also carry out tasks that make up the usual property management, and real estate management pursuant to the Act on Real Estate Management (uogn). The specific objective of the paper was to identify the similarities the performance of the entities are competent and exposure differences arising by law. The results of the analysis showed the need of real estate resource management system, and in particular the procedures of the current and prospective real estate management. On the basis of the focus study authors pointed the common directions of sustainable management of the port facilities and municipal real estate.


real estate management, real estate stock of seaports, Port of Gdańsk Authority SA

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Dawidowicz, A., Klimach, A., & Szpara, A. (2019). MANAGEMENT OF REAL ESTATE SEAPORTS AND MUNICIPAL RESOURCES – COMPARATIVE APPROACH. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum, 14(3), 21–42.

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