Published: 2018-03-301


Piotr Stachowski , Daniel Liberacki, , Karolina Kraczkowska
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum
Section: Articles


This paper presents the concept of the recreational development of the water reservoir Władysławów and its surroundings at the end of excavation of the opencast lignite mine of KWB “Adamów”. It was proposed, according to the “ Law of the Protection of Agricultural and Forest Land” (Article 20, item 9), to connect the treatment of water recultivation, which was commenced in 2013, to the treatments of the utilised land recultivated. By combining these procedures a new reservoir was formed in the post-mining pit before the completion of reclamation, forming an attractive feature of the landscape, which is  a part of the existing Złotogórski Protected Area. The reservoir should also play a multifunctional role which is mainly recreational and touristic. The devastated post-mining landscape in a relatively short time become a became a mainstay of nature. The key role was to utilise the devastated area, so the concept involved the creation of the beaches with recreational jetties, beaches and footbridges for angling. 

The first attraction was an overlook that offers an impressive panoramic view on the reservoir and its direct surroundings. The southern slope is arranged to feature terraces that serve for stabilising  the ground, as well as seats with containers for grass plants. Due to the absence of road infrastructure, the concept also includes a hard-surfaced access road and a car park made of eco-friendly pavement. An intriguing element is the formation of a wooden sign “WŁADYSŁAWÓW” located at the borderline of grass and sand which may be visible from the bird’s eye view, which may also serve as benches.  All of the above, including landscape, shall be complemented by greenery in the nearshore zone  of the lake and the forestation of the northern and eastern shoreline of the reservoir. A buffer zone shall be formed by trees and shrubs which are typical for the root reinforcement of slopes and which are appropriate for dry sites. Initially, some pioneer vegetation shall appear which over time shall be replaced by the target vegetation.


water reservoir, final excavation, reclamation of water, post mining areas, changes in the landscape

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Stachowski, P., Liberacki, D., & Kraczkowska, K. (2018). REHABILITATION CONCEPT OF THE RESERVOIR INCLUDING ITS SURROUNDINGS ON THE DEVASTATED LAND. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum, 17(1), 75–85.

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