Published: 2020-09-081

Assessment of natural values and environmental threats – a case study: Eastern part of the Góra Kalwaria commune, Poland

Beata Elżbieta Fornal-Pieniak , Barbara Żarska
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum
Section: Articles


Natural evaluation is carried out in order to assess or update the assessment of the natural values of studied area. This method is necessary when implementing investments as well as when planning conservation measures and shaping the landscape and minimalize negative impact of environmental threats. The purpose of this work was perform natural evaluation and diagnose environmental threats on east-part of Góra Kalwaria commune for regional and local planning policy. It was used natural assessment according to Żarska (2006) and Fornal-Pieniak et al. (2018) with modification. Modification in whole process of assessment was connected with purpose and character of studied area. The purpose of this paper was to present assessment of natural values and environmental threats of the eastern part of the Góra Kalwaria commune in middle part of Poland. East part of Góra Kalwaria commune is characterized by very diversified landscape form natural forests, wet meadows, water and rushes plants along Vistula river up to anthropogenic areas as villages, towns and agriculture areas as fields, orchards. The stages of natural evaluation were included: field researches, divided areas into spatial-landscape units, formulated criteria to assessment, evaluation, distinguished areas with diversified types of natural values. It was distinguished four types of spatial-landscape units as: L – spatial-landscape units with forest dominated; S – spatial-landscape units with orchards and agricultural areas (fields) dominated; Z – spatial-landscape units with built-up areas dominated; W – spatial-landscape units with surface waters dominated. From the whole spatial-landscape units (areas) 10 areas are represented high natural values, 17 areas with medium values and 8 areas with low natural values. It was recognized threats, which have got negative impact on values of landscape. It was presented possibility of solutions how to minimalize negative impact of threats. Used natural evaluation is usefulness for shaping landscape by planners, ecologists and landscape architects including mosaic character of landscape elements of commune.


evaluation, natural values, commune, environmental threats, Poland

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Fornal-Pieniak, B. E., & Żarska, B. (2020). Assessment of natural values and environmental threats – a case study: Eastern part of the Góra Kalwaria commune, Poland. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum, 19(3), 149–159.

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