Published: 2022-03-021

Housing quality in the Republic of Moldova

Rodica Sirbu , Vadim Cujba
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum
Section: Articles


Motives: The term “housing quality” is very complex and refers to all qualitative aspects of housing. In this context, the present study based on an extensive analysis of the literature that addresses various aspects of housing quality (monographs, landmark publications, international reports, methodological guides, normative and legislative acts, and statistical data) was developed. The particular case of the housing quality in the Republic of Moldova consists in the degree of comfort that the population benefits from the level of localities’ utility infrastructure.
Aim: The study aims to provide an overview of the housing quality in the Republic of Moldova at national, regional, and local levels. Therefore, the main factors which influence the territorial distribution of structural indicators and their outstanding effects in the researched area were analysed.
Results: The research results showed that the quality of housing in the Republic of Moldova depends on technical and economic development, thus major discrepancies between different categories of Administrative Territorial Units and Development Regions are registered.


housing quality, Housing Index, Technical Comfort Index of the Habitat, The Index of Housing Density.×

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Sirbu, R., & Cujba, V. (2022). Housing quality in the Republic of Moldova. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum, 21(1), 139–151.

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