Published: 2022-05-181

Are organic farms a panacea for the structural problems of Polish agriculture?

Marta Baraniak
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum
Section: Articles


Motives: The article combines the problems of Polish agriculture in terms of its fragmentation and its negative impact on the environment.

Aim: The article’s purpose is to characterise the relationship between the widely promoted land consolidation and the number of organic farms.

Results: The statistical analysis was performed on the basis of data published by the Polish Central Statistical Office and Eurostat. The basic measures of descriptive statistics, the Pearson correlation coefficient and the log-linear form regression for the share of organic farms in the general structure were used. The article proposes a synthetic index of agricultural fragmentation. Based on the analyses, it was found that there is a statistically significant relationship between land consolidation (both in the EU and in Poland) and the number of organic farms.


consolidation, fragmentation, synthetic index of fragmentation, organic farms

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Baraniak, M. (2022). Are organic farms a panacea for the structural problems of Polish agriculture?. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum, 21(2), 173–184.

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