Particle swarm optimization and discrete artificial bee colony algorithms for solving production scheduling problems

Tadeusz Witkowski


This paper shows the use of Discrete Artificial Bee Colony (DABC) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm for solving the job shop scheduling problem (JSSP) with the objective of minimizing makespan. The Job Shop Scheduling Problem is one of the most difficult problems, as it is classified as an NP-complete one. Stochastic search techniques such as swarm and evolutionary algorithms are used to find a good solution. Our objective is to evaluate the efficiency of DABC and PSO swarm algorithms on many tests of JSSP problems. DABC and PSO algorithms have been developed for solving real production scheduling problem too. The experiment results indicate that this problem can be effectively solved by PSO and DABC algorithms.


Discrete Artificial Bee Colony, Particle Swarm Optimization, production scheduling problem, makespan

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Cited by

Witkowski, T. (2019). Particle swarm optimization and discrete artificial bee colony algorithms for solving production scheduling problems. Technical Sciences, 22(1), 61–74.

Tadeusz Witkowski