Formation and rupture of gas film of antibubble

Lichun Bai

Jinguang Sun

Zhijie Zeng

Yuhang Ma

Lixin Bai

Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


The formation and rupture of gas film in the process of formation, rupture and coalescence of antibubbles were investigated by high-speed photography. It was found that a gas film will appear and wrap a droplet when the droplet hit a layer of liquid film or foam before impacting the gas-liquid interface. The gas film may survive the impact on the gas-liquid interface and act as the gas film of an antibubble. A multilayer droplet will be formed when the droplet hits through several layer of liquid films, and a multilayer antibubble will be formed when the multilayer droplet impact a gas-liquid interface or a single layer of foam on the liquid surface. The way to generate antibubbles by liquid films will undergo the formation and rupture of gas films. The coalescence of two antibubbles, which shows a similar merging process of soap bubbles, also undergo the rupture and formation of gas films. The rupture of gas film of antibubble caused by aging and impact is also discussed.


Antibubble, gas film, liquid film, high-speed photographystructure

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Cited by

Bai, L., Sun, J., Zeng, Z., Ma, Y., & Bai, L. (2020). Formation and rupture of gas film of antibubble. Technical Sciences, 23(1), 91–104.

Lichun Bai 

Jinguang Sun 

Zhijie Zeng 

Yuhang Ma 

Lixin Bai 
Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


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