The advanced CAD model of a cargo bike

Sebastian Rzydzik

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Marcin Adamiec


This article describe a way to create generative model at the example of cargo bike model, which is very simple object which can be used to present all important rules applied during crating generative models. Great attention was paid to the issue of model parametrization which is elementary thing in all modelling. Besides these aspects, it is also shown how to transform parametric model into generative model using programming languages. In the last part of article was included tests of correct working of model which focused also to the right position cyclist on the bike and shows how model of cargo bike could change its sizes thanks to correctly created generative model.


generative model, parametric model, mechanical design, bike, cargo bike

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Rzydzik, S., & Adamiec, M. (2021). The advanced CAD model of a cargo bike. Technical Sciences, 24(1), 301–315.

Sebastian Rzydzik 
a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:10:"PhD., Eng.";}
Marcin Adamiec 


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