Published: 2021-04-261

The Remedy of the Accumulated Environmental Damage: From Legislative Experience of Different Countries to Russian Legislative Experience

Nadezhda Alekseeva , Alexander V. Dorofeev
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum
Section: Articles


Motives: In all countries of the world there are objects of the accumulated environmental damage (AED), regardless of the recognition of their presence by the state itself or their legislative regulation. The legal mechanism for the development of this regulation is of significant interest from the point of view of both, science and practice.

Aim: The determination of the existence of regulation of the objects of the accumulated environmental damage, in most countries and its comparative characteristics became the aim of following study, to identify the positive experience in such regulation and to see whether it is suitable for Russian legislation, including the possibility of borrowing those norms of law and its incorporation into national legislation.

Results: Russian law has a determination of the accumulated environmental damage, as most of the European countries do (not the third-world ones), but there is no definition for the further AED-conception. The amount of damage has to be determined in a particular area or of a concrete natural resource. Unfortunately, in developing countries, such information regarding the objects of accumulated environmental damage is not so widely presented, although such a problem is acute in these countries. The AED is one of the market failures as been based on a permission for environmental pollution. The legal regulation of the Russian Federation: it is necessary to impose responsibility for the leveling and elimination of such an objects on the original owner who acquired the land plot with the AED-object (on the basis of an agreement or the law rules even if the legal entity liquidated). It is necessary to provide real access to information feather land users (the potential purchaser – about the features of the object). The legislator has to develop and detail more carefully the rules on public-private partnerships for liquidation AED-objects.


accumulated environmental damage (AED), past environmental damage, negative impact on the environment, contaminated land

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Alekseeva, N., & Dorofeev, A. V. (2021). The Remedy of the Accumulated Environmental Damage: From Legislative Experience of Different Countries to Russian Legislative Experience. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Administratio Locorum, 20(2).

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