Published: 2018-09-301

Literary portrait of the first Polish female students (context of emancipatory)

Danuta Ossowska


The problem of higher education of women, which had become a new object of social reflection in the positivism period, it had also its influence in literature. Analysis of the collection of works devoted to this phenomenon was directed on answering for question: what image of women-students and based on what values, had created literature of that time. The most important meaning perspective were discourses: feminism, national and politically-ideological. The article reveals the picture of women-students which had been created in sphere of emancipation reflection.


polish women-students, positivism, feminism discourse, novel

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Ossowska, D. (2018). Literary portrait of the first Polish female students (context of emancipatory). Prace Literaturoznawcze, (2). Retrieved from

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