Published: 2018-09-301

Horror story for children – benefits and menaces

Lidia Urbańczyk


Author of the article entitled Horror story for children – benefits and menaces shows, that children – as well as adult – like to experience intense emotions such as fear, anxiety. The experience of emotions in conditions controlled conducive to receiving a peculiar catharsis. Therefore it’s not surprising emergence of new genre – horrorek (road from the "artistry to gothic"). Historically, literature served as an educational instrument, provocative fear of the consequences of inappropriate behavior. Today horror fiction for children are books read for entertainment, but also works that refer to permanent and vital archetypes of human consciousness, for deep existential reflection, exaggerate universal messages – therapeutic and catharsis dimension of horror. The horror story for children need more attention; it’s certain that horror is a category of art that can develop imagination and sensitivity, but it can also lead to the appearance of unwarranted fears and mental disorders. The role of parents and educators is to teach the conscious reception of various cultural texts, showing that with the receipt of horror formula is connected game of satisfaction.


education, fiction horror, popular culture, literature for young readers

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