Published: 2018-09-301

Some Incarnations of a Child - "Set of rhytms" of Kasper Miaskowski

Paweł Pietrzyk


the article is describing the revelant problem of the poetry of the beginning of the 17th century: way of lookinf at the child. Deliberations were based on the poetic volume of Kasper miaskowski. We are watching the child in 4 aspects. First - the child pilgrim in the walk to the heaven. a next is a child in the orbit of expectations of adults. In this poetry an unconcern is noticeable with the childhood as the peculiar lifespan. the third subsection is demonstrating excellent model of brainchild - of the Infant Jesus with his beauty, innocence and the mission to fulfill.


child, paradise, home muse, pilgrim, death

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Pietrzyk, P. (2018). Some Incarnations of a Child - "Set of rhytms" of Kasper Miaskowski. Prace Literaturoznawcze, (1). Retrieved from

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