Published: 2020-02-071

Patriotism in Poland – Selected Conceptualizations of the Notion

Elwira Olejniczak
Prace Literaturoznawcze
Section: Universals


In 2018 we celebrated the hundredth anniversary of Poland regaining independence, which is why
it seems important to consider the most recent meanings of the notion of patriotism. This paper is
an attempt to confront dictionary definitions of “patriotism” lexeme with the resources of the National
Corpus of the Polish Language PWN, examples of modern literary texts, press and Internet
discourse, as well as recorded conversations and ephemeral prints included therein. The notions
of patriotism and patriots are currently used not only for political, religious and cultural as well as
nationalistic purposes, but also for those humorous and hard-hitting ones. The theoretical framework
of this article is determined by selected aspects of the linguistic tradition of valuation, based on the
points where linguistics and axiology intersect. The linguistic analysis allows the observation of the
most recent contexts of patriotism and the changes taking place in discourse.


patriotism, language, media, dictionaries

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Olejniczak, E. (2020). Patriotism in Poland – Selected Conceptualizations of the Notion. Prace Literaturoznawcze, (7), 5–16.

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