Spatial planning systems in Poland and Italy - comparative analysis on the example of Olsztyn and Bari


The article discusses several aspects of spatial planning systems in Poland and in Italy. The analysis included the legal basis for the functioning of both systems, planning levels and documents developed at each level. The planning status of both countries is presented based on the statistical data obtained. This is shown on the cartodiagrams prepared with the use of ArcGIS and QGIS software as well as tabular lists containing statistical data. Detailed research was also done as a case study for two cities: Olsztyn in Poland and Bari in Italy. The data collected and the analyses carried out made it possible to compare the planning systems in both countries tested. The results show similarities and differences, as well as the positive and negative features of both analyzed systems. Conclusions can be used as a basis for proposing changes to the planning systems in both countries, based on good practices from the other country.


spatial planning; spatial planning system in Poland; spatial planning system in Italy; comparative analysis; legal basis for planning

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Krzysztof Rząsa, Ph.D.
Giacomo Caporusso 
Marek Patrycjusz Ogryzek, Ph.D.
Eufemia Tarantino