Profitability of Sugar Beet Crop in Campaign 2019/2020

Zbigniew Krzysiak

Faculty of Production Engineering, University of Life Sciences in Lublin


The work presents a complex analysis and cost accounting of beet sugar cultivation in the 2019/2020 campaign for individual farms of the Lublin region. About 119 farms were analyzed. On the basis of this analysis, the criteria for the model farm were defined, which were adapted for the calculation of sugar beet production costs.

The economic results obtained by the producers are mainly affected by indirect costs accounting for 60.48% of the revenue from the total production. Within this group of costs, the major components are sowing service, harvest and soil liming operations reaching 39.26%.

Sugar beet production in the analyzed campaign was profitable, with the profitability index 1.21 and unit production cost of 15.07 PLN/dt. Sugar beet growing is considered to be one out of profit-making activities, in agricultural production, yet it is characterized by the high production cost that gobbled up 82.48% of total revenue in the analyzed campaign of 2019/20.


sugar beet, sugar beets crop, cost and profitability of sugar beet production

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Krzysiak, Z. (2021). Profitability of Sugar Beet Crop in Campaign 2019/2020. Olsztyn Economic Journal, 16(2), 205–217.

Zbigniew Krzysiak 
Faculty of Production Engineering, University of Life Sciences in Lublin


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