Published: 2018-12-301

The Negativistic Female Personality in Cham by Eliza Orzeszkowa

Magdalena Dziugieł-Łaguna


Eliza Orzeszkowa created a religious protagonist and a portrait of the negativistic female personality
in the novel Cham [ The Boor], which tells the story of a fisherman. The two-way antievaluation
reveals itself in Franka’s character. On the one hand, it concerns pathological behaviours
which are referred to as passive aggressive personality disorder in psychology, and are characterized
by sullenness, fast transition from unjustified rebellion to remorse, high assertiveness, and resentment.
On the other hand, it points to the rejection of the higher class connected with the axiological
basis aiming at the degeneration of humanity. Franka Chomcówna is a socio-cultural product
– an effect of the premature sexualization of a child who, in her adult life, aims at destruction.
Thereby, the objectification of the protagonist ends with a suicidal act.


axiology, negativistic personality, religious protagonist

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