Published: 2018-09-291

The Conception of Time in Prawda starowieku of Stanislaw Vincenz

Jacek Krawczyk


The text discusses the first volume Na wysokiej połoninie of Stanislaw Vincenz – Prawda starowieku. I focus on the issue of time in the novel Vincenz. I point to the phenomenon of mythologizing the world of Hucul. That mythologizing is because several important reasons. Firstly, the real reality, which does not have a meaning and coherence, through the stories of mythical narrative acquires the character of rationality and integrity. Second, the myth allows you to recover critically interpret the way what directly is no longer given. In the story of the mythical function is included fiction and symbolic function, which bring to the surface the hidden meaning. Time in Prawda starowieku shows the opposition between the time of the mountains and civilization. Both times integrates narrative story.


Stanisław Vincenz, myth, time, narrative, identity

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