Published: 2020-12-011

Antoni Madej. Poet Forsaken, Poet Denied

Jacek Krawczyk
Prace Literaturoznawcze
Section: Case of the creator


The author of this article recalls the figure of Antoni Madej, a poet forsaken in contemporary historical and literary reflection. The text discusses Madej’s most important creative achievements during the interwar period, when he published eight poetry collections on various topics, including social ones. However, he was closest to the poetry of personal thoughts in the convention of concise reflective works. This article considers Madej’s attitude to his own work and the problem of reconciling his creative desires with his social aspirations. The analysis of the poet’s life and creative attitude leads the author to conclude that Antoni Madej was a denied poet who tried to overcome
the internal conflict of desires by means of his personal testimony of fragile hope.


Antoni Madej, Lublin avant-garde, poetry reflection, poetry of hope

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Krawczyk, J. (2020). Antoni Madej. Poet Forsaken, Poet Denied. Prace Literaturoznawcze, (8).

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