Published: 2020-02-071

Wacław Potocki’s Understanding of Patriotism

Iwona Maciejewska
Prace Literaturoznawcze
Section: Patriotism and literature


This article describes the concept of patriotism, as shown in the writings of Wacław Potocki
– a poet of the Polish Baroque. The analysis shows that the author, who came from the middleincome
gentry, understood love for his country in two ways: firstly, as the commitment to defend its
borders during the numerous wars of the 17th century; secondly, as the obligation to perform one’s
civic duties and adopt a pro-state and pro-community attitude. Raising these issues on several occasions,
Potocki did not propose any major political changes with the aim of weakening the position
of the gentry or the aristocracy. Nevertheless, in his poetic reflections he was very critical of the conduct
of some representatives of those privileged social classes.


Wacław Potocki, patriotism, good citizenship, 17th century

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Maciejewska, I. (2020). Wacław Potocki’s Understanding of Patriotism. Prace Literaturoznawcze, (7), 39–52.

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