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Tomasz Polanowski


The admissibility to renounce the perpetual usufruct can be deducted on the basis of the
art. 233 of the Civil Code from the nature of this right and thus neither special regulation nor
application of any other provision of the existing law are required. The essence of the perpetual
usufruct, as a result from Article 233 of the Civil Code, means that it is permissible to renounce
of a perpetual usufruct. There is no need to create a separate legal regulation on this matter or to refer
to other legislation. Article 246 of the Civil Code shall apply accordingly to the perpetual usufruct.
The renunciation of a perpetual usufruct is made to the owner by unilateral declaration of intent.
In accordance with Art. 31 §1 of the Act of land register and mortgage, unilateral declaration
of intent should be made in writing with a notarized signature. The statement of the landlord
is not relevant. In accordance with Art. 246 §2 of the Civil Code, unilateral declaration of intent
become effective when a perpetual usufruct is cancelled from a land register. As a consequence
the perpetual usufruct is deemed to be expired. The extinction of a perpetual usufruct causes also
expiry of ownership right to the buildings and structures erected on the land or purchased and
other’s burden.

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renunciation of a perpetual usufruct, unilateral declaration of intent, written form with a notarized signature, consequence of renunciation, extinction of perpetual usufruct 44

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Polanowski, T. (2017). ZRZECZENIE SIĘ PRAWA UŻYTKOWANIA WIECZYSTEGO. Civitas Et Lex, 16(4), 21–31. Pobrano z https://czasopisma.uwm.edu.pl/index.php/cel/article/view/2476

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