Institutional audit of professional military education: a way to quality assurance according to Nato standards

Volodymyr Mirnenko

Vadym Artamoshchenko

Stasys Paldunas


The article highlights the obtained results on conducting an institutional audit of the professional
military education system in educational institutions of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed
Forces of Ukraine. The directions of further development of institutional audit mechanisms for
evaluation of professional military education quality on the way to achieving compatibility of training
processes according to NATO standards were substantiated. The results of the experiment confirm
that institutional audit is a common element on the way to achieve compatibility of personnel
training processes on NATO quality principles. The authors of the article use a system of general
scientific and special methods of theoretical and empirical research (systematization, generalization,
systematic approach) and methods of expert evaluation.

Słowa kluczowe:

professional military education, institutional audit, educational program, quality

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Mirnenko, V., Artamoshchenko, V., & Paldunas, S. (2021). Institutional audit of professional military education: a way to quality assurance according to Nato standards . Civitas Et Lex, 32(4), 7–21.

Volodymyr Mirnenko 

Vadym Artamoshchenko 

Stasys Paldunas 


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