Opublikowane: 2023-02-201

Organizacje społeczne w realizacji zadań proobronnych

Andrzej Soboń , Marta Adamczewska
Civitas et Lex
Dział: Nauki o bezpieczeństwie


Involvement of social organizations in defence issues is both an opportunity and a challenge for the state, which should properly use the potential of social organizations. The research carried out among the V4 Group countries and Lithuania confirmed that all countries less or more use pro-defence organizations. It is one of the state’s security interests. The legal acts that define the participation of citizens in defence issues in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Lithuania are constitutions, which provide the right of citizens to association. The Lithuanian Riflemen’s Association, which is a pro-defence organization in Lithuania, included in the defence system of Lithuania, is of particular importance. A clear specification of the tasks, rights and obligations performed by pro-defence organizations is required. The authors recommend that pro-defence issues in Poland should be defined in a similar way like in Lithuania, including pro-defence organizations to the state’s defence activities.

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pro-defensiveness, social organization, security

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Soboń, A. ., & Adamczewska, M. (2023). Organizacje społeczne w realizacji zadań proobronnych. Civitas Et Lex, 37(1), 27–37. https://doi.org/10.31648/cetl.8101

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