Opublikowane: 2023-05-141

Serwis malibracia.org.pl jako medialny instrument wsparcia społecznego osób starszych

Agnieszka Żejmo
Civitas et Lex
Dział: Varia


Seniors, who are growing in number in society, are at risk of social isolation. Meanwhile, ties with others are essential for everyone’s well-being. It is worth publicizing initiatives that support the elderly and improve their quality of life. One of them is the practice of the Little Brothers of the Poor Association. The object of reflection in the article is, among other things, the way in which the organization’s website has been used in its activities. The following goals were formulated: explaining the essence of social support, presenting the history and mission of the association, showing its undertakings in which the web service is used to varying degrees, as well as discussing the available possibilities of financing the organization’s activities by donors, also with the role of cyberspace. To achieve the above-mentioned goals, an analysis of the literature and source materials – the resources of the association’s website – was carried out. Data obtained from an interview with its director were also taken into account. The basic sphere of the organization’s practice is the conduct of volunteer work, which enables the formation of intergenerational ties among volunteers and lonely elderly people. The seniors covered by this program experience the concern of younger people for their health, mental condition, cultural, recreational and social needs. The respect and interest shown to them, as well as the opportunity to receive support in difficult situations, can contribute to improving their situation. The article analyzes selected testimonies of the association’s mentees published in its social media, which document the reception of the organization’s assistance activities by seniors. 

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Internet service, elderly, social support, intergenerational relations, volunteering, helpline, memories, Alzheimer’s disease

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Żejmo, A. (2023). Serwis malibracia.org.pl jako medialny instrument wsparcia społecznego osób starszych. Civitas Et Lex, 38(2), 75–90. https://doi.org/10.31648/cetl.8581

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