Opublikowane: 2023-12-271

The Cult of St. Adalbert in the Diocese of Ełk (1992-2022)

Wojciech Guzewicz
Civitas et Lex
Dział: Varia


The article presents the most important forms of the cult of Saint. Wojciech in the Ełk diocese, i.e. in the Masurian–Suwałki–Augustów region in the years 1992–2022. There are, among others: patron of the diocese, three churches and parishes are dedicated to him (Rydzewo Rajgrodzkie, Ełk – cathedral, Suwałki), the Adalbertnium Diocesan Publishing House operates under his name and intercession, and in the 1990s the pilgrimage of the figure of St. Wojciech along with his relics in all parishes in the diocese. The annual events are the St. Wojciech celebrations, which attract the faithful not only from Ełk, but also from the entire diocese and from beyond its borders. The greatest contributor to the development of worship in the Ełk diocese was its first diocesan bishop, Wojciech Ziemba. During his times, a parish was organized and it was decided to build a church in Suwałki, annual Saint Adalbert services were initiated, the saint’s relics were brought to the Ełk cathedral (1993), and an international scientific symposium devoted to the history of the lands of the Ełk diocese and Saint. Wojciech (1994) etc. 

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Cult of Saint Wojciech, Ełk diocese

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Guzewicz, W. (2023). The Cult of St. Adalbert in the Diocese of Ełk (1992-2022). Civitas Et Lex, 40(4), 95–107. https://doi.org/10.31648/cetl.9402

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