Cybersuicydologia – nowe technologie a samobójstwo

Daniel Zero


The aim of the work is to show the emerging problems related to the internet in the field of suicidology and to indicate how the new technologies contribute to increase the number of suicides. The possibility of preventing suicide on the internet was also presented. The article was based on numerous websites, forums, chats, social networking sites, where all the content related to suicide was analyzed.

Today, the Internet plays an increasingly important role in the human life. In addition to taking advantage of profits, it is also worth noting some dangers associated with its existence. One such danger is help in online suicide. In chat rooms, discussion forums, and social networks, you can find more and more often the instruction how to kill yourself. You can also come across the outrageous online broadcasts of people suicide. It happens that potential suicides are looking for a companion to combine suicide. Another time, browse various Internet forums to find the “ideal” and least painful way to end your life. The Internet is also covered by others, namely to leave entries with the features of farewell letters on chats or social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram. Such entries are most often a cry for help and an expression of hope of their authors that, however, someone will stop them.

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suicide, cybersuicide, Internet, Werther effect, suicidology

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Daniel Zero