Published: 2018-09-291

Kilka uwag na temat królowej Luizy

Grzegorz Supady


This article is motivated by the poems of Marcin and Otto Gerss about the Prussian queen Luise. The author of this articlec onsiders first the cult of queen Luise in Prussia, and then in Germany. He describes some elements of the myth that was born while the queen still lived. Queen Luise had a significant influence on the imagination and consciousness of both the masses and the enlightened. The untimely death of the mother of kings further intensified the belief in her exceptional meaning for the founding myth of the German Empire. The author does not evaluate the character and deeds of queen Luise. He mainly concentrates on her places of remembrance that are located in Poland. He notes that polish scientists and journali- sts have previously shown limited interest in this historical figure. However, information of the traces of her stays in different regions of Poland are currently gaining more visibility in scientifi carticles and popular online-services.


history, queen Luise, places of remembrance,, myth, Germany, Prussia

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