Published: 2018-09-291

Włodzimierz Kowalewski's Discourse with a (Post) German Heritage

Grzegorz Supady


Born in a small town near Olsztyn, Kowalewski is one of the most recognizable writers of Warmia and Masuria. In his prose, especially in his short stories Powrót do Breitenheide (Return to Breitenheide) and Wieczór autorski (Reading), he explores the German presence in a region that belonged to Germany until 1945. Kowalewski describes the differences between the German and Polish world views and aesthetic feeling. The writer also presents his personal attitude to German history and everyday life he knew as a young man. This manuscript critically discusses the point of view presented by Kowalewski.


Germans, Poles, regional, literature, past

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Supady, G. (2018). Włodzimierz Kowalewski’s Discourse with a (Post) German Heritage. Prace Literaturoznawcze, (4). Retrieved from

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