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Reduplication as a word formation process is a relatively under-researched phenomenon
in English. The aim of the paper, therefore, is to present different types of derivational
reduplication ranging from the prototypical type based on exact repetition to the implied
reduplication underlying the word formation process in cryptic rhyming slang. The article
also strives to overview the typology of English rhyming slang as this is the domain of
language where different types of reduplication abound. The article is written within the
theoretical framework of sociolinguistics and morphology and offers ample citational
evidence to substantiate theoretical assumptions

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reduplication, slang, cryptic, typology, compounding

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Kołłątaj, A. (2010). REDUPLICATION IN ENGLISH RHYMING SLANG. Acta Neophilologica, 1(XII), 93–103. Pobrano z

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