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In the article the detective genre is considered as an interesting aesthetical phenomenon. This
genre demonstrates that rules in creative work may be useful if they are determined by the
exclusive character of the plot (sujet): discovering a mystery with the help of details - ‘evidences’
which an author puts in a well thought-out order, so that they become ‘keys’ to the mystery.
The detective genre exposes the informative nature of a detail as such. In the ‘great literature’
a detail may be more striking, poetical, but it is still informative. The detective story (or novel)
exposes the role of details in discovering the casual-effective connections. It exposes the unvisible
casualities of the visible phenomena, and such is the essence of any philosophy (G. K. Chesterton).
The detective genre also demonstrates that the plot (sujet) in a piece of art is in the same time
the content and the form. All questions put in the article are to be discussed and analysed.

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detective genre phenomenon

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Светлана Филюшкина 
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