About the Journal


Media – Culture – Social Communication is an interdisciplinary scientific journal published since 2005. We invite scholars of various specializations, such as media studies, social communication, scholarly communication, education, psychology, sociology, political science, cultural studies, library and information science to publish in our journal. The journal is open to submissions (in Polish and English) of scientific papers as well as reviews and reports on media, culture and communication relations in a very broad sense.

The publication is free of charge.


The journal was published from the beginning by the academics of the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication, first as an annual (2005-2013), then as a quarterly (2014-2020), and from 2021 again as an annual. 

The initiator of its creation and the first secretary of the Editorial Board was Prof. Bernadetta Darska. This function was also performed by Dr Miłosz Babecki, Prof. Urszula Doliwa and Dr Marta Więckiewicz-Archacka.

The editors-in-chief were the directors of the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication, that is, Prof. Andrzej Staniszewski - until 2018, and then Prof. Mariola Marczak. Since March 2021, the journal has been supervised by Prof. Marzena Świgoń.

In 2022, the journal received funding under the Ministerial Programme "Development of Scientific Journals" (RCN/SP/0214/2021/1).


The journal Media-Culture-Social Communication is an interdisciplinary academic platform for scholars of media, information, communication and culture.

Open Access

The journal follows an open access policy. No fees are charged to authors. The texts are published on the UWM journals platform. In addition, texts are archived in the online reading room of the UWM Publishing House. A DOI number has been assigned to individual articles since 2016. Access to them is free of charge and does not require logging in. 

Licence: Creative Commons — Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International — CC BY-NC-ND 4.0