Ikony pokolenia jeans

Maria Polakowa



Several plays by Nikołaj Chalezin Belorussian playwright and head of Free Theater
feature historical characters who had a dominant role in their countrys strife for freedom.
Drawing on the examples of two political plays The Jeans Generation and To Be Herold
Pinter the article is an attempt to illustrate how the national heroes were portrayed and what
meaning it holds in the context of the anti-totalitarian resistance. By introducing historical figures
into his works, Chalezin depicts certain parallels to the current state of affairs in Belarus. In doing
so, he creates a specific type of drama a reportage, which at the same time becomes a certain
manifesto, addressed not only to his compatriots, but also to the entire world.

Поколение Jeans: пьесы молодых драматургов Бялоруси, 2007 Минск.

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Maria Polakowa