Published: 2018-09-291

Władysław Gębik's (1900-1986) Idea of Regionalism in Modern Interpretation

Joanna Chłosta-Zielonka


The aim of the paper is detailed interpretation of activity carried out by Władysław Gębik in1945-1970, when the political doctrine dominated institutions of the public life. It is to show that organisational structures created by him and also pioneering academic publications published due to his engagement contained values which served the Polish who decided to live on the area of former East Prussia. The ideas which motivated his actions had universal dimension and exceeded narrow understanding of regionalism both in the post-war meaning and the one defined after 1945.


regionalism, social activity, culture-creating movement

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Chłosta-Zielonka, J. (2018). Władysław Gębik’s (1900-1986) Idea of Regionalism in Modern Interpretation. Prace Literaturoznawcze, (4). Retrieved from

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