Published: 2018-09-301

Poetics of place by Johannes Bobrowski

Joanna Chłosta-Zielonka


Output of Johannes Bobrowski, the author of four volumes of poetry − Sarmatische Zeit (1961)), Schattenland Ströome (1963), Wetterzeichen (1966) and Im Windgesträuch (1970), gives opportunity to have once again look on functions, which quoted places play in his poetry. It is worth to pay attention to his poetic imagination from the perspective of translocation of place in time and space by means of geopoetics’ instrumentarium. The space has become one of the most important factors for this poet. It is an example of writing down of human’s experiencing of place in the complex process of individual experiences connected with the process of shaping cultural, religious and social identity.


geopoetics, translocation, space, landscape

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