Published: 2018-09-291

Historical awareness or oblivion in 21th century's poetry?

Zbigniew Chojnowski


The article Historical awareness or oblivion in 21th century's poetry? ponders upon the writers' attitudes towards historical heritage. Different generations' poetry has, on one hand, a more relative view of history and mistrust of historiography and historical studies, and, on the other, contemplating the times that have past - especially the 20th century - through family matters. Historical awareness is strong in the writers for whom the imperative of engagement in the community (family, local, societal, national, European, Christian) is still important. Those writers tend to view the connection to history as a poetic game, and/or a moral obligation. The 21th century's poetry brought back the postulate of speaking the history that has been denied for political-ideological reasons, which is being realized today.


history and poetry, Hayden White, denied history, ideography, writer's engagement

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