Published: 2018-09-301

Birdies’ wedding. Masurian song (edition along with commentary)

Zbigniew Chojnowski


The commentary concerns edition of a folk piece of music Birdies’ wedding, which originates from tradition of creating pieces of music using birds’ voices. This tradition dates back to the Medieval Ages. ”Birds” depict peoples tendency for making fuss and causing confusion. Lyrics of the Birdies’ wedding was published in the “Nowiny” [Novelties] in Wrocław in 1889. It can be presumed that Jan Karol Sembrzycki, gatherer of the Masurian folklore, submitted this text to the editorial staff of “a magazine for Evangelical people”.


masurian literature, symbolizm of birds, wedding mores

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Chojnowski, Z. (2018). Birdies’ wedding. Masurian song (edition along with commentary). Prace Literaturoznawcze, (1). Retrieved from

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