Published: 2018-09-301

Michal Kayka's correspondence with "Nowiny Szląskie"(edition with a commentary)

Zbigniew Chojnowski


Newspapers and calendars from 1884–1939 contain forgotten works of Michal Kayka. *** ["Lecz niestety drogi człecze"] published in "Nowiny Szląskie" (1886, issue 41) is one of them. It reminds the reader of the last judgment that await every man. God sees everything and writes it all down in a "book". The poem was also Kayka's reaction to the thievery of sheep, which happened in Ogródek village. The article is about Masurian poet's first attempts at his craft, and his struggles towards popularizing his own works at the beginning of his artistic career.


Michal Kayka, the last judgment, Prussian Masurians, the 19th century, harvest

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