Published: 2018-09-301

Leszek Aleksander Moczulski's poetical personalism

Zbigniew Chojnowski


Leszek Aleksander Moczulski's poetical personalism is an attempt at artificially describing a certain kind of poetry, which is being formed under the influences of Christianity and the tradition of Polish Romanticism. In this case, poetical personalism means different ways of perceiving the world, but on the personal, axiological and communal levels. The polyphony in Moczulski's art showcases its mastery, and is a testament to his respect towards his ancestors' spiritual heritage. Poetry is the practice of Goodness, Love, Faith, Hope, Trust, Justice, Sacrifice etc. Poetical personalism creates a basis for naming Moczulski as the heir of the line of the polish Christian poetry


poetical personalism, polyphony, coffin portrait, regionalism, Suwalki

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