War and Peace Studies: In Search of Philosophical Substantiation of Heuristic Potential

Valentyna Kyvliuk

Department of Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Education and Education Policy, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, 9 Pyrohova str., 010601 Kyiv


The article is devoted to the explication of the methodological problems in the field of war and peace studies. The author tried to make a conceptual historical, and philosophical observation of the genesis of the understanding of war and peace. At the same time, the modern discourse is determined by the activity of recognized organizations and the high-impact journals. Using the methodology of discourse and institutional analysis, the author tries to define the key ‘edge’ points of the mentioned discourse. At the same time, the modern cases of war conflict demonstrated their hybrid nature. The case analysis of the Ukraine hybrid war and the other countries let the author represent the holistic logic for understanding the development of the methodology of war and peace studies research, understanding one’s multidisciplinary nature, etc. The Ukrainian case also involved the methodological approaches of the postcolonial (neo-colonial theory) for understanding the drivers and breaks of the war conflict, which could be heuristic for the development of future ideas in the field of non-conflict humanity development.


war, peace, methodology of research, philosophy, hybridity theory, discourse, institutional analysis

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Kyvliuk, V. (2020). War and Peace Studies: In Search of Philosophical Substantiation of Heuristic Potential. Studia Warmińskie, 57, 143–156. https://doi.org/10.31648/sw.6011

Valentyna Kyvliuk 
Department of Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Education and Education Policy, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, 9 Pyrohova str., 010601 Kyiv