Prognostic Role of Philosophy of Education

Anzhela Boiko

The Department of Philosophy and Political Science, Cherkasy State Technological University, bul. Shevchenko 460, 18000 Cherkasy


The article considers the prediction function of philosophy of education by means of its study and practical application. The author tries to prove that modern education appears in multiple dimensions such as a conscious education, social technology and simulation of the future society. The author uses modern empirical material, domestic and foreign sources on the problems of the philosophy of education. The task of a modern education is to focus on the practical implementation of theoretical ideas and concepts. The article emphasizes the priority of predictive function of philosophy of education that is why the philosophical analysis has always preceded the formation of practical guidelines and recommendations. Only the system of education makes it possible to model a society and achieve the desired result.


philosophy of education, prognostic function, social technology, education

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Boiko, A. (2017). Prognostic Role of Philosophy of Education. Studia Warmińskie, 54, 69–78.

Anzhela Boiko 
The Department of Philosophy and Political Science, Cherkasy State Technological University, bul. Shevchenko 460, 18000 Cherkasy